Best Hair Color Ideas To Try For Summer 2024

Best Hair Color Ideas To Try For Summer 2024 - Wigtrends

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Summer brings endless possibilities to try something unusual. Why not start with your summer hair color? There's just something about hot days that appeals us to make a bold change freshen up our look.

If you are puzzled by how to choose a perfect hair color for you, don't worry, the summer hair color trends below will give you ample inspirations to change a new style.

Cherry cola

Unique Loose Wave Human Hair Long Lace Front Wig - Wigtrends

What is Cherry Cola?

Cherry Cola is a dark hair color with violet and Burgundy red tones. Its blue or purple tone makes it more luxurious and gorgeous.

It creates eye-catching red and brown tones through a combination of multiple colors, which can naturally complement your natural hair color and eye color.

Who best fits cherry cola?

This summer hair color trend has both warm and cool undertones, which makes it suitable for most deeper skin tones.

For anyone who pursues a charming blend of red and brown, cherry cola hair is a wonderful choice.

Rose gold

Unique Loose Wave Human Hair Long Lace Front Wig - Wigtrends

What is rose gold?

It is a dimensional hair color that combines shiny gold, pink, and blonde shades.

Whether you want to try this hair color on the whole hair or just add some highlights to enrich your hair color, this hair color trend is highly recommended.

You can use it to not only change your current hair color into a bold one or switch to a more elegant hair color.

Who best fits rose gold?

Warm tones of it appears particularly charming on those who have warm-toned olive or dark skin, which injects pink highlights to brighten the yellowish skin tones.

Caramel balayage

Chocolate Brown Highlight Loose Wave Wig - Wigtrends

What is caramel balayage?

Caramel balayage a sun-kissed glow that has deep brown base and warm tones between blonde and brown.

It offers brown hair the maximum sense of dimensionality by adding natural-looking highlights and darker shades.

It's also very stunning to do some golden highlights on this natural brown hair, which is fashionable but not too eye-catching.

Who best fits caramel balayage?

Generally speaking, this summer hair color is a perfect combination of dark and light colors, highly dimensional, suitable for almost all skin tones.

In particular, caramel tones fit for neutral or dark skin with a hint of yellow or olive, which will offer a soft and subtle glow.

Strawberry blonde

What is icy blonde?

Ice blonde hair is a very bright blonde and normally looks white or silver. In terms of brightness, ice blonde hair is similar to platinum hair but highlights more ashy tone.

For such a light hair color, it requires more care to maintain the longevity of the hair than any low maintenance color.

From red carpets to fashion photography, it is a bold choice for today's beauty enthusiasts and trend leaders.

Who best fits icy blonde?

This light color is an excellent choice for fair-skin women, elevating this color to a new level. Pairing fair skin tone with icy blonde takes the spotlight in summer 2024.

If you have a pair of light brown eyes, it will be more eye-catching.

Chocolate brown

Brown Highlights Loose Curly Glueless Closure Lace Bob Wigs Human Hair - Wigtrends

What is chocolate brown?

Chocolate brown has an expensive brunette hair shade. This medium brown hair shade with a slightly red or gold undertones makes the hair look richer. It can blend seamlessly lowlights and highlights around your face.

If quiet luxury were a hair color it would be chocolate brown. Even if you are not born beautiful, you can still be suitable for this hair color trend.

This quiet-luxury hair shows light and color, which is not overly exaggerated.

Who best fits chocolate brown?

If you have warm skin, chocolate brown will look fabulous on you. People with this skin tone and naturally black hair fits well for brunette shades such as chocolate.


Curtain Bangs Glueless Wigs Layered Cut Wig - Wigtrends

What is ombre?

This is a dyeing technique that utilizes a soft gradient effect to create two shades and natural looking color palette, which enables your hair roots to be exposed without the need for frequent dyeing.

Curtain Bangs Glueless Wigs Layered Cut Wig normally begin with darker roots and lighter ends and it will gradually fade away as hair grows longer.

This summer hair color doesn't take much maintenance because it only dyes the hair ends and your hair growth will not affect it. It is a nice way to transition brunettes into blond without saturating the color of hair roots.

Who best fits ombre?

It is suitable for all hair colors – classic ombre, subtle ombre and brown ombre. You can make the contrast from the root to the tip of your hair bold and subtle according to your preferences.

If your skin has dark and warm undertone, ombre will be suitable for you. You can ask your hair colorist to do personalized ombre dye job based on your hair texture and skin tone to achieve an optimal looking.

Final Thoughts:

These are best summer hair color ideas. As the seasons change, are you ready for your next salon appointment to try a gorgeous summer hair color? If you want to know more about top hair color trends, please visit  which will give you a lot of practical knowledge of hair color ideas. We warmly welcome you!


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